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iBeLink DM22G X11 22 GH/s

  • Артикул:000911
  • Вес:21 000 грамм
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Building upon the world’s first X11/Dash ASIC chip miner, Tiannengbo Group has released the iBeLink™ DM22G X11/Dash Miner with TNB0303 ASIC chips (Hash Rate: 22 GH/s ±5%, Power: 810W, 0.037 J/MH). Keeping the same easy to use all-in-one design philosophy, the iBeLink™ DM22G is a highly integrated X11/Dash miner. To setup the miner you simply connect a power cable and an Ethernet cable to the miner. The miner is designed for both large scale mining farm deployment as well as at-home mining. Five high-speed cooling fans run at top speed (by default connected to a 12V power supply) to provide adequate cooling for the iBeLink™ DM22G miner. This miner has been designed with many self-diagnosing, self-recovery, and automatic email warning capabilities to make your mining life easier. The iBeLink™ DM22G X11/Dash miner contains 4 hashing blades and a TNBPI-I controller. Each hashing blade contains 54 TNB0303 ASIC chips and can be managed (or controlled) to mine separately.

iBeLink DM22G Specifications

Hash Rate: 22 GH/s ±5% X11 Hash Function
Power Consumption: 810 W (at the wall, with 25°C ambient temp)
Power Efficiency: 0.037 J/MH (at the wall, with 25°C ambient temp)
Number of TNB0303 chips per unit:216
Operating Temperature: 0° C to 40° C
Network Connection: Ethernet
Power Supply: 110V to 240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions: 490 mm(L) * 350 mm(W) * 180 mm(H)
Weight: 19 kg (with packing materials)

iBeLink DM22G Features

Highly integrated for Plug and Play (you just need to connect power and Ethernet)
Contains 4 hashing blades, LEDs for each blade’s status
Faulty condition self-detection and auto restart
Email warning for abnormal hashing conditions
Faulty chip detection
DIY repair for faulty hashing boards (modulated hashing board, 8 boards/blade)

TNB0303 ASIC Specification

Package Type: LGA64 8 mm * 8 mm
I/O Interface: Serial with clock & data
Hash Rate: 100 MH/s
Power Consumption: 0.037 J/MH

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